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About Us


Eden Veteran’s Refuge (EVR) is a sanctuary for women veterans and their children. The Refuge offers veterans to live and thrive in a      communal environment. Our mission is to relieve societal burdens veterans face as they adjust post military discharge.

While Eden Veterans Refuge is headquartered in Downtown Smyrna, DE, our area of operation includes all three counties of Delaware in addition to outlying communities of Maryland and Virginia Eastern Shore as the opportunity presents itself. The Non-Profit status allows us greater flexibility to accept tax-deducted donations and more fluidity working with government agencies.

EVR works to provide children of female veterans the opportunities of a normalized life. We assist in school enrollment, activities and tutorial support. Our volunteers share their expertise in childhood nutrition, psychological therapy and activities of daily living.

Smyrna is a town in Kent and New Castle counties in the U.S. state of Delaware. It is part of the Dover, Delaware Metropolitan Statistical Area. According to the Census Bureau, as of 2010, the population of the town is 10,023.

REFUGE is located at 53 West Commerce St. Close to shopping, schools and Houses of Worship


The Department of Veterans Affairs declared in 2018 that women comprise the fastest –growing segment of the homeless population. It is estimated that nearly 40,000 women veterans may be homeless by 2025. Too many female veterans were victims of sexual trauma and feel resentment toward the military and the VA. This leads to underreporting from a sense of betrayal.

Homeless female veterans don’t fit the stereotypical homeless person living on the street. Female homeless veterans often have children and tend to stay with family or friends temporarily. The Refuge is designed to as an added layer of resources to coordinate or augment benefits. 

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