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Our Team

at the REFUGE

Dr. Jared Jackson


The Chairman of E.V.R. has credible experience in the arena of transitional housing service. His experience from 2011 to present day and includes resume training, site planning for community development, financial literacy, youth educational programs.

 Dr. Jackson found The Right Way Homes Inc in 2009 this company had the goal to provide transitional housing for male convicts released to reintegrate back into society from prison. 

Dr. Jackson is Senior Pastor of a local congregation and has extensive experience in pastoral services, counseling and case management.  

Michael McConnell

Director Veteran's Affair

Healthcare executive, business development professional and entrepreneur with 30+ years of results in leading companies in new and competitive environments. 

A proven record of building teams in strategic planning, direction and execution of growth initiatives.

A Navy Veteran, with Expeditionary experience and active member of Veterans of Foreign Wars. It’s our goal to create a living experience for service members to re-enter society.

Tyshee Jackson

Executive Director

    Former Social Service Specialist III for the State of Delaware

Life and Career Coach

Camus Pastor of Eden Int'l Inc

Community Activist

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